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What exactly is VALIDEFI?


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What is Validefi?

VALIDEFI is an All-in-One crypto platform backed by the VALID Token, that was made to blur the lines between traditional finance and true financial freedom through it’s multi use case platforms.

The hardest aspect of learning the crypto market is finding the tools in order to be able to begin trading through decentralized finance. VALIDEFI takes tools that are spread across multiple platforms and websites used in everyday crypto trading and puts them onto an easy to use customizable site that a user can configure to their trading needs

With its VALIDEFI•DX platform, users can access multi chain charting with historical or live trades, pull in data from places such as Coin Market Cap or from multiple DEX’s (Decentralized Exchanges) such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap or Sushiswap and allow its users to find the latest trending token on whatever blockchain they desire. Along with features such as a VALIDSWAP; which allows users to easily swap between blockchains; a fully customizable portfolio for tracking all their trades and the latest Crypto News feed giving them up to date information about the Crypto Market.

There’s also a host of additional features such as direct links to the top 10 most used Exchanges, making searching for URL’s as easy as a click on the platform and other features such as Whale Tracker which alert when large amounts of crypto are moved between wallets.

VALIDEFI’s OnRamper allows its users to buy crypto directly on the platform. Onramper is a fiat-to-crypto gateway aggregator, which implements all major gateways in a single solution. This allows VALIDEFI’s users to get global coverage of supported countries, payment methods, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

VALIDEFI incorporates all of these features onto one easily customizable platform, which is done by making each feature a moveable and resizable widget, meaning the user can set up the platforms UI (User Interface) to showcase the features they use and need, and minimize the ones that they don’t at that current moment.

Along with its VALIDEFI•DX Platform, VALIDEFI also has a fully Cross Chain NFT Portfolio Trader that will showcase every NFT you hold across every blockchain.

VALIDEFI•NF T-LINK utilizes a Multi Chain Wallet Connect system that allows you to hook up as many wallets as you have from a multitude of Blockchains and showcase every NFT that you hold on one screen. This eliminates the user having to go back and forth between separate wallets to see how their NFTs are fairing each day. For ease of trading, one of the features T-LINK gives you is a click to trade function, that allows the user to go directly to the top Marketplace of their choosing and post their NFT for sale, all without ever leaving T-LINKs UI.

And for users on the go VALIDEFI is bringing to market the wallet to end all wallets.

The TITAN Crypto Wallet is a fully functional, cross-chain wallet which gives retail investors secure access to decentralized cryptocurrency trading, staking, dAPPS and NFTs with easy access to their funds all from a single, native application.

What is the VALID Token?

A stakeable token released on the BSC Network that acts as the Backing Token for the entire VALIDEFI EcoSystem.

$PULSAR Token Holders, will be given a share of VALID Tokens for supporting the early creation of the VALIDEFI Network.

VALID Token holders can stake their share through the VALIDEFI PSP (Profit Sharing Protocol) for a period of 30 days at a time, receiving a % of the Net Profits each Month that the platform brings in through fees, advertisements, trading and a multitude of additional features added on as the platform grows. VALIDEFI’s PSP pays out in USDC rewards to those who utilized the staking platform.

What is the VALIDEFI PSP (Profit Share Protocol)

VALIDEFI being built as a platform to encourage new users to migrate over to Decentralized Finance and seek their own financial independence knows that it’s platform can only grow as big as the number of people who use it on a daily basis. So to incentivize use of its platform along with backers who hold the Native VALID Token, VALIDEFI has devised a unique way to ensure increased usage along with holder growth thru a profit sharing protocol.

Every aspect of the platform has minimal fees that typically go solely to the platform owners. Typically, these fees are so minimal that a user never even notices them when performing things like cross chain swaps, purchasing crypto on platform, trades etc. To encourage users to spread the word about VALIDEFI•DX, the platform offers a profit sharing protocol where 30% of all the net profits from taxes, fees, advertising, etc are put back into the platform itself and distributed to holders of VALID Token through a 30 day Staking Period.

Every 30 days all of the fees and profitable transactions that occur thru VALIDEFI are taken into account, and 30% of those profits are converted into USDC which is then distributed to stakers based on the total amount of VALID Staked divided by their personal amount. At the end of each staking period, VALID Holders will also receive a breakdown of company profits to show where all monetary rewards came from and will be fully claimable after the 30 day staking period.

Each staking period will be followed by a 48 hr staking time frame where users have to be able to stake their VALID Tokens for the next 30 day time frame. Emergency withdrawal will be available at any time during the locking period, but will result in the user receiving $0 in staking rewards.

How to Participate:

  1. Only VALID Token Holders who have VALID Token in their wallets at the beginning of each staking period or Holders or a MetaHeart NFT are eligible to receive rewards from the PSP.
  2. 2. At the beginning of the 30Day Staking Period you will lock X-Amount of VALID Token or MetaHearts NFT(s) into the Profit Share Protocol. Everyone who is eligible will have 48 hrs from the opening to the locking of each staking period to receive their % from that months reported Net Profits. If you fail to lock your VALID Token or MetaHeart NFT. by the specified time and date you will not be eligible to participate in that months Profit Sharing.
  3. 3. You may stake ANY amount of VALID Token or MetaHearts NFT. Once you stake for profit sharing your VALID will be locked for 30 days. (Emergency withdrawal will be available but will void your claim to that months profit sharing)
  4. 4. Once Staking begins your dashboard will show you the % of claim to profits based on the entire amount of everyone participating.
  5. 5. At the end of 30 days, that month’s staking pool will unlock, allowing you to claim your USDC Reward. A 48 Hr Timer for the new staking pool will start and Restake your token/NFT for another 30 Days.

VALIDEFI An All-in-One crypto platform backed by the VALIDITY token, that was made to blur the lines between traditional finance and true financial freedom.