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ValiDefi: Introducing our All-in-One Crypto Platform

ValiDefi Platform Introduction

We are excited to introduce and welcome you to the ValiDefi All-in-One Crypto Platform. We are building a diverse product portfolio that strives to serve multiple purposes as we blur the lines between traditional finance and true financial freedom. Our goal is to be able to facilitate secure cross chain interactions at the best rates possible while providing a user-friendly platform. Our vision is to have a set of products under one ecosystem, that can be easily used by everyone. Being able to perform cross chain operations while maintaining trust and security. Our suite includes Multi Chain Charting, Portfolio Tracker, Multichain DEX, NFT Platform and Titan Wallet where our VALIDITY token will include features for PSP (Profit Sharing Protocol) and a Staking Portal.

ValiDefi is designed with the intentions of traders in mind. Cryptocurrency assets have always been spread over countless markets. This has forced traders to access markets from several interfaces which adds friction to their analytical process and heightens the possibility of trading errors. By unifying access to the cryptocurrency markets into our single interface, ValiDefi users can entirely focus on optimizing their trading performance. To assist in this goal, ValiDefi traders will also find a vast suite of features and analytical tools. Our advanced tools offers traders an additional edge over the markets while the unified market access will allow them to easily navigate the opportunities which arise.

What sets ValiDefi apart from the rest?

Unlike like other multi use platforms that force you to buy and own their utility token in order to access its premium features, ValiDefi gives you access without forcing you to purchase anything. Instead ValiDefi takes a completely unique approach and offers its holders a share in the profitability of the platform thru a completely unique staking and tokenomic system. Unlike typical reflection rewards tokens VALIDITY Holders receive a monthly payout on its PSP (profit sharing platform) that is paid in the form of BUSD Stablecoin.

Advantage for PULSAR TOKEN Holders

Pulsar token holders will have a huge advantage in the 1st year to clear massive amounts in profits by only have a maximum number of holders to dilute the % of return. Meaning the best thing you can do is grab Pulsar now and get ready to reap the rewards. Pulsar holders will be migrated over and given exclusive access to our PSP (profit share protocol). This means if you stake into our PSP we will be giving 30% of our net profits shared directly to the stakers in the form of USDC. See HERE for more info.

ValiDefi Platform Tools and Features

MultiChain DEX, Charting and Portfolio Platform

  • VALIDEFI•DX is an All-In-One Multi Chain Charting & Portfolio Tracker with the added benefits of Cross Chain Swapping. Take control of your finances.

MultiChain NFT Portfolio

  • The first Portfolio of its kind in the ever growing NFT space with Cross Chain Compatibility and Multi Wallet Management. All of your NFTS in one place.

Titan Crypto Wallet

  • ValiDefi’s TITAN Wallet is a fully functional, cross-chain wallet which gives retail investors secure access to decentralized cryptocurrency trading, staking, dAPPS and NFTs with easy access to their funds all from a single, native application.

ValiDefi Crypto Services Platform

  • ValiDefi CS is a newly developed, first of its kind platform aimed at creating access to a catalog of verified, trusted talent in the Crypto Space.
  • ValiDefi CS is Escrow Based, which ensures neither service provider or user will be scammed. This allows you to expand your team as needed with experienced freelancer’s by creating a space for those who specialize in providing specific crypto services such as web design, contract creation, fast tracking, promotional shilling, etc.
  • ValiDefi CS is a completely free platform for service providers to market their skills and connections in the crypto space by eliminating the time and hassle of constantly seeking out new projects by bringing those projects to them instead.


Keep an eye on our Website and Telegram for further info.

Our journey starts here with you and it’s our pleasure to welcome you to ValiDefi. More updates to follow…


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VALIDEFI An All-in-One crypto platform backed by the VALIDITY token, that was made to blur the lines between traditional finance and true financial freedom.